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Business Growth through Strategic Alliances

One of America ís most prolific authors on the subject of Business Growth Through Strategic Alliances, Ed Rigsbee is a consultant and advisor to world class clients such as Toyota, 3M, DHL, Dun & Bradstreet, BE Aerospace, George Fischer Signet, Mead, Siemens, Roland, Best Buy, and others. He travels internationally to assist organizations in building alliance relationships and to improve their total effectiveness and profitability. 

When he takes the platform to deliver keynote presentations, he delivers twice the value. First is his high level content, gleaned from his books and over 2,000 published articles. Second is his naturally playful and humorous manner which he uses to relax and disarm his audience members. The result from this combined delivery design is his distinctive ability to move people into action; to do better and be more effective in growing your business and enjoying life.

Business is About Results, Not Excuses! -Ed Rigsbee, CSP, CAE









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Why in the world would you want to go to the trouble to create a strategic alliance? 

The simple answer--to grow your business. 

Popular answers are; co-marketing, research, distribution, co-production, and sourcing. You want to increase your market share while still lowering the cost of doing business, don't you? How much--real dollars--would a 5%, 10%, or 20% increase in 2013 sales mean to your organization?  If you could drive these significant increases through strategic alliances, what's holding you back? 

If the above are your answers, you are in luck--you came to the right place for alliance and collaboration help! Let's start with some free resources: to receive Ed Rigsbee's articles, interviews, forms, quizzes and other free resources please click on this link.

Next, decide what kind of help do you need? Meaning, are you looking for a consultant to help you with a specific project? Or, perhaps you want an alliance workshop for your key executive team? You might simply be looking for a keynote speaker for your next dealer or sales meeting. We can help you with all of the above. And, if Ed Rigsbee is not the correct consultant or speaker, one of our associates at Rigsbee Research Consulting Group will be--we guarantee it. At this point, you can call us at 805-498-5720, or explore this site for what you need. 

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