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Article Bank; Business Success through Strategic Alliance & Additional Articles by Ed Rigsbee, CSP, CAE

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Article Categorization:

Access the extensive article bank; business success articles by Ed Rigsbee are categorized and color-coded below based on Ed's Partnering Star of Success. Each leg of the Success Star represents an important business silo in which to build trusting alliance relationships. Partner well in all areas and enjoy a total partnering organization. Take caution not to focus entirely on any one area. Continuous, incremental improvement is your best road to success.


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Partner Selling Articles

Association Success & Member ROI Development Articles

Personal Responsibility Articles

Personal Relationship Success Articles

Retail Success Articles

Co-Authored Articles

Article Bank for Professional Speakers; Interviews with Meeting Organizers & Planners


Strategic Alliances articles by Ed Rigsbee:

Alliance Governance; Embrace the Diversity (525 words)

Should I Start a Strategic Alliance or Joint Venture? (593 words)

Acquisitions vs Alliances: the Basics (535 words)

Want the Alliance, or What it Gets You? 7 Steps (516 words)

Strategic Marketing Alliance; Develop Yours as Easy as ABC… (527 words)

Grow Your Business with Smart Marketing Alliances (520 words)

Value to Whom? (781 words)

Three Key Activities for Successful Alliances (465 words)

Strategic Alliance Development Process (1199 words)

Making Your Alliances Work—Competent Collaborations (1482 words)

Generate Sales Leads for Your Clients through Cross-Pollination (442 words)

In Bed With the Enemy: How to Successfully Partner With Your Competition (1318 words)

PartnerShift—How Distributors Profit from the Partnering Trend (1470 words)

Developing Strategic Alliances--What's In It for Me? (2513 words)

Ten Tips for Developing Outrageously Successful Relationships with Your Alliance Partner (129 words)

Keeping Your Alliance Alive & Healthy (892 words)

Conflict Management & Resolution for Your Partnering Success (679 words)

PartnerShift-TOPS (1471 words)

And You Expected Synergy? (374 words)

The Pitfalls to Successful Strategic Alliances (3032 words)

Less Work & More Results with Collaborative Marketing Relationships (1408 words)

Community Partnering For Greater Retail Success (1526 words)

Effective Community Based Cross-Promotions (830 words)


Alliance Leadership articles by Ed Rigsbee:

Leadership: New, Old, or Just What Works? (2048)

Internal Partnering; is it Really Possible? (628 words)

Valued Customer or Just a Piggy Bank? (619 words)

Effective Interdepartmental Partnering (571 words)

Organizational Legacy—Leaving Footprints (638 words)

Serving Your Customers Well (803 words)

Sacred Cows in an Economic Downturn (1043 words)

Organizational Effectiveness—Whose Rice Bowl Is It? (877 words)

Business Is About Results, Not Excuses! (482 words)

Getting Results! (728 words)

Mastermind Alliances Are Helpful In Turbulent Times (1177 words)

Mastermind Alliances to Further Your Career (895 words)

Critical Decision Making (314 words)

Trust, the Essential Element in Building Outrageously Successful Relationships (597 words)

The Value of Rock-Solid Business Relationships in Turbulent Times (1269 words)

Speak For Dollars—Public Speaking For Sales Increases (2473 words)

Are You Ready? (626 words)

Receiving Value (324 words)

Possibilities (786 words)

New Year Expectations (1330 words)

Building Your Pentad for Partnering Success (973 words)

Leveraging Your Business Relationships (543 words)

Successful Partnering Starts in the Executive Suite (1556 Words)

Culture Shift--Partnering at Mitsubishi (808 Words)


Employee Partnering articles by Ed Rigsbee:

Motivate Today’s Employees with Recognition (808 words)

No-Cost & Low-Cost Employee Motivation Techniques for a Down Economy (768 words)

High-Performance Employees Through a Culture of Trust (833 words)

Three on Three—the Magnificent Supervision Tool (821 words)

Employee Empowerment Through the PARTNER Model (935 words)

Motivating Your Employees Through Acceptance (1104 words)

Keeping Your Employees Motivated in Turbulent Times (1824 words)

Praise for a Job Well Done (1009 words)

Partnering to Build High Performance Teams (1649 words)

Employee Partnership Through Delegation (661 words)


Customers Relationship Development articles by Ed Rigsbee:

When Opportunity Knocks, Do You Create Raging Fans or… (1296 words)

In Tough Times, Want Loyalty? Give Loyalty! ( 446 words)

Have You Asked Your Customers Lately? (550 words)

Customer Perception Equals Market Domination--Researcher Reveals the 7 Step Formula (1111 words)

Value Through the Eyes of Your Customer (1088 words)

The Boomerang Effect In Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty (1658 words)

Your Customers Are Saying, “Get to Know Me!” (710 words)

Sell More with Persuasive Presentations (512 words)

Add On Sales (776 words)

Positioning Your Business (936 words)

What Can Your Customers Do for You? (802 words)

When 20 Bucks & Ego Is More Important than a Decade of Customer Loyalty (1864 words)

Brand Construction or Brand Destruction? (2951 words)

It Doesn’t Work for You, But You Want Me To Buy It? (741 words)

Lost Opportunity, Are You Guilty? (1042 words)

Oh, So You Want Me To Ship It To the Manufacturer? (822 words)

The Real Cost (1548 words)

Effective Selling-Turn Prospects into Buying Partners (999 words)

Long-Term Selling—The Relationship You Build, Is More Important than the Pressure Close (1857 words)

Partner Selling: Serve Your Customers & Be Rewarded (1237 words)


Supplier Partnering and Supply Chain Improvement articles by Ed Rigsbee:

What Suppliers Say About Buyers (845 words)

ABCs of Buyer/Seller Relationships (1474 words)

How Today's Distribution Partners Add Value (662 words)

Supplier Partnering—Keep Your Profits Up & Costs Down (1401 words)


Creating Better Meetings articles by Ed Rigsbee:

Meeting Sponsor or Strategic Partner (657 words)

Meetings: The Lost Art of Social Contact (828 words)

The Conference Conundrum (771 words)

To Get the Best Deal, Understand What Speakers Want (1430 words)

Free vs. Fee Speakers (863 words)

How to Hire a Professional Speaker (745 words)


Other articles by Ed Rigsbee:

Are Your Corporate Policies Up to Date? (1024 words)

Rigs on Biz…Relationships, Your Secret Tie Breaker (491 words)

Is e-Commerce In Your Future? (1128 words)

Videoconferencing—Friend or Foe? (933 words)

Success Strategies for Recently Merged Organization (532 words)

Quick Bits (Assortment of short info bits)

Series of five short Partnering articles


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