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Hotel/Planner Summit: Developing Alliances, recorded live in Delray Beach, FL (2010) at the Signature Ocean Properties annual planner summit. Learn how professional meeting planners and hoteliers build long-lasting partnering relationships.

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Ed Rigsbee on Alliances, interviewed by Terri Lonier. Learn alliance know how from a proven alliance author. Listen in as Rigsbee describes to Lonier the inside scoop of alliance development.

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Strategic Alliances in Business, business author, Ed Rigsbee is interviewed by Internet radio host, Deborah Dachinger on her Dare to Dream show. Learn how to make alliance relationships work and be profitable too. Learn how to engage your employees in your alliance success.

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Alliances for Financial Organizations, Ed Rigsbee's keynote address, recorded live at the 2007 annual meeting of AgriBank. Learn how to build profit-driven financial and agriculture alliances.

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Alliances for Cities & Municipalities, recorded live, Ed Rigsbee's opening keynote address to the Washington League of Cities at their 2006 annual convention. Learn how local governments reduce costs and serve their citizenry more effectively through strategic alliances.

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Ed Rigsbee's, Partnering for Success in the Document Management Industry, was recorded live in Orlando, Florida at the 2005 annual convention of the Document Management Industry Association. Learn alliance success strategies for small and mid-sized business.

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Integrity is Hard, by Ed Rigsbee was recorded live at The Broadmoor Resort in Colorado Springs , CO at the annual meeting of the Association of Independent Printing Paper Merchants. In this presentation you will learn how to better communicate your intents, needs, and wishes with others to bridge the gaps that are relationship killers.

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Yes, You Can Do Better, by Ed Rigsbee was recorded in Long Beach, CA at the 2006 annual convention of Professionals in Human Resources Association, you will be challenged, entertained, and educated. If you want to do better, listen to Ed's recording.

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Cornucopia of Association & Society Memberships, by Ed Rigsbee, was recorded live at a 2009 Southern California meeting of the California Society of Association Executives. In this seminar Rigsbee covers: the member value process, member ROI, grass roots member recruitment campaigns, member retention, utilizing contrarian members. This session is a must for association/society executives and volunteer staff.


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Meeting Industry Partnering, recorded live in Albuquerque, NM at the annual meeting of the International Association of Hispanic Meeting Professionals in 2007. Ed Rigsbee explains to planners and suppliers how to develop meeting industry alliances for long-term success.

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Partnering for Superior Customer Service seminar recorded live at (Army Training Base) Ft. McCoy, WI. Learn how to apply partnering and relationship ideas for delivering absolutely outstanding customer service--even when you are working with internal customers or have the market cornered.


The Member ROI Guy: Ed Rigsbee, CAE, CSP

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